August 27, 2021

Little Rock producer Yuni Wa has shared a new single, ‘Star System Heartbreak’, ahead of his forthcoming album ‘Shimmer’. Check it out below. 

The prolific electronic artist’s new album will land on 24th September, and follows last year’s ‘Yuniversity 2’, which featured the single ‘The Space Base’. The track is a  futuristic two-step garage cut, in line with the artist's cosmic approach to a range of dancefloor-focused sounds. 

Speaking about the album, Yuni Wa said: “Shimmer is a project about being the light, even when under pressure, even while feeling fear, and even when your heart is broken. It’s about being the light even when you can’t control the conditions. Everyone wants to feel good all the time, everyone wants to be the light when life is going good, the hard part is being the light even when you don’t want to be it. It’s about letting that inner strength and passion shimmer. These concepts have been ringing in my head and I have to let them out. Yuni Wa is trying to be the light on the world’s terms and not his own.”

You you can buy ‘Star System Heartbreak’, and many more tracks from Yuni Wa, via his Bandcamp page. Stream the track below.

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MUSIC: Uneasy times call for Yuni Wa's music By Sean Clancy Arkansas Democrat Gazette

September 23, 2021

The latest from prolific Little Rock electronic artist Yuni Wa is a banging, thoughtful collection of soundscapes that captures the tone of these uneasy times.

Just look at a few of the titles on "Context 4," the 20-track project that drops Friday on the usual streaming outlets: "Run Away Slaves," "These Are the Ends," "No Place for Me," "Leader of the Ai."

Yuni Wa, whose real name is Princeton Coleman, skirts across flittering electronica to trap, disco, chillwave and digital jazz in his work. He says the series of "Context" albums captures his "perspective of Afrofuturism in electronic music."

The latest installment "shows how far an instrumental album can go if your mind is open enough to the possibilities," he says.

And there are endless possibilities on "Context 4."

"America the Miserable" could be the album's centerpiece, with its scraping, stuttering effect followed by a menacing thud that sounds like it belongs in some dank, dystopian odyssey. "Loud and Clear" is a pulsating ripper that evokes the machine-gun strobe lights of some packed, pre-pandemic club.

"These are the Ends" starts like a soft daydream before its blippy, lazer-beam heartbeat awakens.

The song, Yuni Wa says, "reflects on the feeling of experiencing uncontrollable chaos. [Last year] was an extremely chaotic year. I experienced a lot of mental distress and fear, but I wanted to translate it over to my art. After all the cases of police brutality and outright fascism, I felt like the country was approaching the end of its rope with being able to suppress all of its true honest and ugly nature."

The ominous "Edge of the Earth" opens with what could be a gathering storm of synths and closes with a sandy shuffle and fading thuds.

Then there are the quieter pieces, like "Senses" and the icy, impressionistic "Computer," which the musician calls a "cybertronic electronic vision from the future."

The album closes on what might be its brightest moment, "Numb Remix," which has a driving, shimmering poppiness and a bouncy, fat beat that eventually winds down like a runner hitting the finish line at the end of a marathon. 

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Yuni Wa’s House Beats Mixtape Playlist Takeover and interview by symphonic distribution.

November 1, 2021

We’re back with another Spotify Takeover! This time, Yuni Wa has taken over our House Beats playlist on Spotify. Check out,”Yuni Wa’s House Beats Mixtape” and experience tracks from some of his favorite artists and more. 🔊 Here’s the rundown…

Yuni Wa’s House Beats Mixtape Playlist Takeover

About Yuni Wa

“Hailing from Little Rock, AR, a city known for its civil rights past, Yuni Wa comes from a spiritual background that inspired his approach to creating electronic music. By the time that he was just 13 years old, Yuni Wa was ready to start putting out music and start building a legacy. That legacy is now realized since, even though he’s still relatively early in the game, Yuni Wa has released 57 projects. His wide berth of creative musical talent stretches across electronic, hip-hop, R&B, and alternative styles of music and has led to him being named one of the Visionary Arkansans by the Arkansas Times and also being nominated for Best Electronic Artist/DJ twice in Arkansas.”

“His drive is unmatched, and even though he’s dealt with the reality of how his race affects his growth in the electronic space, he continues to grow and evolve. He has two more albums in the works and will continue to use his unique viewpoint in the industry to tell his necessary story. Yuni Wa has received praise from The Arkansas Times, Noiseprn, The Elevator Mag, The Arkansas Democrat Gazzette, DJ Mag, and Audiomack.”

In addition to the playlist takeover, we had a great conversation about some of his influences, personal insights, and more. Here’s what he said…

1.) Who/ what got you into music?

I spent a lot of time at my local boys and girls club where I started taking lessons on playing Bass Guitar, Drums, and using Reason. When it comes to who got me into music, its definitely J Dilla and Flying Lotus. Hearing their music made me think of all the endless possibilities of what I could do if I really took music serious. I was so drawn into the details of their songs atmospheres and textures it was like being reborn discovering them.

2.) What advice would you give to other artists trying to make it in the industry?

I’d say carve out your own lane don’t pay attention to waves and trends and just create what you feel. Everyone wants to create music but to have longevity in music you need to be adaptable and original. The waves will pass but all that will be left at the end of the day is your pure creativity and will to create unique experiences. As long as you hold on to your imagination and can adapt with the times you will do well. Also don’t be discouraged from the downs and how long things may take since things tend to move pretty slow in music sometimes. Its a marathon not a sprint.

3.) What’s your favorite track on the playlist and why?

1998 City by Vantage is my favorite song on the playlist. It reminds me of why I got into House Music and really magnifies the main elements that drew me in when I was younger.

4.) If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

I’d be a Mango, because I’m full of flavor just like one.

Context 2_edited.png

Yuni Wa – Context 2

Little Rock, Arkansas producer Yuni Wa, graciously sent us their new beat album and it’s great.

January 27, 2016

Little Rock, Arkansas producer Yuni Wa, graciously sent us their new beat album. Context 2 is just great. Wa gives a perfect description. “This album is a atmospheric electronic twist on life and how things can fall through quickly. The melodies are meant to grab you and the baselines are meant to knock. I hope you enjoy it.” Enjoy it we did, and so will you, hit play.


Producer Yuni Wa’s Guide to Being Prolific

December 15, 2020

Yuni Wa has released a staggering 400 songs spread over 58 projects. In 2020 alone, the producer has released 10 offerings, a mix of downtempo house singles, full albums, and whatever else his wandering mind conjured. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Yuni Wa has more music out than most artists in the music industry. He’s already planning at least three more projects of J Dilla-inspired productions, which exist at the intersections of electronic, hip-hop, and soul music. It’s a sampling of his wider sound, which dips into a smattering of genres.

By 13 years old, Yuni Wa was already putting out music. He comes from a church-heavy family, which exposed him to a whirlpool of sounds and encouraged him to take the musical path early on. At 17, he released his first album, Wa, which marked the beginning of an almost robotic work ethic that would see multiple projects dropping each year. By the time he was 20 years old, he had 39 bodies of work publicly available.

Yuni has collaborated with producer Chris Travis, formerly of the hip-hop collective Raider Klan, and Killer Mike’s rap protégé, Cuz Lightyear. He was also named a Visionary Arkansan by the Arkansas Times and nominated for Best Electronic Artist/DJ at the Black Apple Awards.

For Audiomack World, Yuni Wa shares his six-step guide to creating more, finding inspiration, and beating creative blocks.

Embrace creative blocks. “Whenever I get them, I have to just relax and not be all somatic. You’re supposed to relax and breathe and remember it’s okay to take breaks. I’m always trying to push more music out, especially when I was younger. As I got older, I realized the value of putting more thought into everything. Whether it’s a few days, weeks, months, or even years, you have to know that your creative spirit won’t leave you. It’s there underneath the block, learning unconsciously.”

Make sure your mind is nurtured. “I consume some form of media to change my brain’s meal. I’ll read philosophy (I’m really into nihilism) and also social and political affairs—basically how our lives are governed. I search for inspiration in the world around me. It can come from a movie I liked or an anime program I watched (psychological thrillers are the best because of the mental gymnastics). Doing things like these help me to approach my art at different angles and be better than before.”

Tinker around with new sounds. “Think about new creative approaches and testing your creativity. I’ve experienced most of my creative growth when I experimented and pushed myself out of my comfort zone to see where I could take my sound.

“Sometimes, artists get used to the sound that works and forget they still have to evolve because the evolution of an artist is one of the fundamentally special aspects of an artist’s career.”

Familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the music business. “You have to be willing to learn about its different aspects that don’t pertain to actual music creation. You can hire a person to do marketing for you, but it’s good to have a strong understanding of how these things work before you dive in because it makes it easier to keep track of your finances, making it easier to be more creative for the long term.”

Study the history of your genre. “One of the most important things I could say is to learn about the history of the genre you are in. Learn about the artists that built the lane and what they went through.

“When it comes to who has inspired me the most, it’s probably J Dilla. I got a lot of inspiration from him growing up and understanding how he lived his life, which supercharges my inspiration and creativity when I come to a dead-end.”

Make consistency a priority. “Once you figure out your formula, getting around creative blocks becomes easier. Find the release process that works for you and work on consistency. It allows you to see the growth in real-time.”


Yuni Wa’s House Beats Mixtape Playlist Takeover and interview by symphonic distribution.

January 15, 2021

This week, Jammerzine scored an exclusive interview with multi-talented musician Yuni Wa, one of the newest and most unique lo-fi, hip-hop artists in the industry. 

Being young and new to the industry, Yuni Wa has definitely made his mark on the lo-fi community: he’s released around sixty projects so far, with more already in the works. In addition to discussing the concept behind his new single ‘Computer’, Yuni Wa also mentions his humble beginnings, musical inspirations, and social issues — as well as the real meaning behind his name. 

In this exclusive interview, Yuni Wa also gives us a sense of what making music means to him and the message he aims to communicate through his one-of-a-kind sound. 

Computer by Yuni Wa

About Yuni Wa

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Yuni Wa is a record producer, mixer, and songwriter, currently signed with Divinity Sound. Yuni Wa is most known for his 2015 albums ‘Ethereal Lover’ and ‘Yuniversity’. Some would classify his sound as low-fi, electronic house music; however, Yuni Wa’s sound transcends a singular genre and instead encompasses many of them all at once. To start off the year, Yuni Wa released a new single titled, ‘Computer’ on all major streaming platforms and plans to release more projects in the coming months.