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Little Rock producer Yuni Wa drops an EP of dark pulses on Friday By Daniel Grear At The Ark Times

Little Rock electronic producer Yuni Wa, also known as Princeton Coleman, drops a new EP tomorrow and it’s darker and moodier than ever, as if the listener is swimming through murky water, led only by the color of a stray jellyfish. Even though there are four-on-the-floor kick hits on every track, it’s dicey to call this dance music. The beats that pervade might more accurately be described as pulses, the kind that spur you to gently sway with your eyes closed. You can imagine listening with a group of people, but everyone is in their own world, stoned and contemplative.

“Euphony” is an album that rewards close listening. Instead of relying on well-defined verses and choruses, the songs on this record bloom and iterate, with new textural elements introduced all the time. Although the final two tracks include vocal lines, they’ve been spliced and digitized like the rest of the synths, leaving you confident that what you’re listening to is bonafide instrumental music. Wa was one of our Arkansas Visionaries in 2017 and has literally dozens of albums for your perusal on his bandcamp page. Get acquainted before tomorrow’s release.

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